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Like the European Sports, I got most of these photos before the judging started and did not get back for some late arrivals after. I missed some great cars that should be here. I can remember at least two from last year that were not present this time. In particular, I missed the Model J Duesenberg and the Packard Town Car, the one that had won twice at Pebble Beach. 1930 Cadillac V16 193o Cadillac V16
This Cadillac V16 Sport Phaeton returns from last year. There was plenty of room around it this early and I got several shots. This one is the better side view along with a very impressive front. I expected the owner to remove the clear plastic cover over the top before the show started but he did not. I thought the car would have shown better without it.
1930 Cadillac Grille 1930 Cadillac Frame I got a great photo of the motor last year but the hood never opened this year. Instead, after a few failed attempts, I got this shot of the grille and medallion. Later, I spotted the suspension and steering. Since it looked like jewelery, I shot it too.
1932 chrysler Motor
This big straight 8 motor was in a 1932 Chrysler Imperial that also was shown last year. I'm not sure why I only got this one photo of it. Well, its rear is barely shown beyond the '36 Packard below. I'm not certain but I think it won Best In Class this year. What appears to be yellow on the engine head is not. It was just the bright sun combining with the highly reflective stuff to fool my inexpensive camera. I suppose I could have touched it up but thought it better to leave as is.
1930 Cord L-29
This 1930 Cord L-29 also returns from last year. It sat beside a sister Auburn with the same owner then. The Auburn did not return this year. I heard from one of the organizers that it had been sold. Too bad. They did make a handsome pair.
1937 Ford Darrin
I didn't realize the significance of this 1937 Ford Darrin when I first saw it so got no other photos of it. Reading the spec sheet later I learned that it was the first American automobile designed by Darrin and the only Darrin designed Ford. That makes it a pretty unique car and worthy of a place in the Classics.
1935 Lincoln V12 1947 Lincoln Continental V12 Here are a pair of V12 Lincoln convertibles. On the left is a '35 and, on the right, a '47 Continental. The Continental has a home in the same shop as the Jaguar XK140 that I did not finish in time for the show. Note the reflection of the Cord in the black one and the other classics in the backgrounds of both.
1931 Marmon V16 Sedan 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K This 1931 Marmon V16 Sedan is another veteran from last year. It still looks just as large and formal as it did then. It is paired with a '35 Mercedes Benz 500K that is new this year. Here it is being parked rather gingerly by its owner right next to our MG-TD that won Best In Class, European. This Benz won Best In Show. I have so many photos of it that I have given it a separate page here.
1932 Packard Twin Six 1932 Packard Twin Six These are a pair of 1932 Packard Twin Six Tourers. I notice quite a similarity but also some significant differences. Both are spectacular cars and both return from last year. It is always a pleasure to see these classic Packards up close.
1936 Packard V12 Sedan 1936 Packard V12 Front
This 1936 Packard V12 Senior Sedan is owned by the same friend who owns the '48 Packard Woodie Wagon shown in Antiques. It may not get the attention of the open cars but it is every bit as carefully restored. It just has a certain elegance about it that lesser automobiles simply don't have. As mentioned above, I think that is the rear of the '32 Chrysler just to the left. I'm really sorry to not get a better photo of it. Maybe I'll get more next year. It is really hard to cover everything anymore. there is just too much to see.

1933 Pierce Arrow Pierce Arrow Motor
The last car I show in this class is the 1933 Pierce Arrow. It drove right past me twice and from 10 feet, you can just barely hear it. I heard the restoration was finished just days before the show. It certainly was fresh as this relatively light colored paint shined almost as well as any of the black cars. The exquisite detailing of the engine speaks for itself.

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