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Here it is, the 2006 Best In Show winner, a 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500/540K Cabriolet. The car was billed as a 500/540K but by all outward appearances, it is a 500K. The car was, in fact, sold first in '35 as a 500K. later, in 1938, it was returned to the factory 1935 MB 500/540K Side 1935 MB 500/540K Rear for some work and the original engine was replaced, at the factory, with the newer 540K version. This increased the horsepower some while still maintaining the significantly lighter weight of the original 500K. Here it is at the podium being announced as the winner with the owner and his granddaughter.
1935 MB 500/540K Front 1936 MB 540K Front
This is the same collector who last year brought the custom ordered 540K. They are shown together here for reference. The 540K stayed home. During a brief conversation with him, I said that I liked this one a whole lot more than the other. He enthusiastically agreed. The 540K is for sale, if anyone is interested. I did say last year that the 540 was probably my favorite car of the show although there was some pretty stiff competition. This year, there is no question. This is by far my choice.
1935 MB 500/540K Left Front 1936 MB 540K Left Rear Here are two shots of the left side taken by the Pavillion Saturday, before the car was moved to the show area. I didn't have my camera last year until the show was opened to the public. It sure is easier to get good pictures when no spectators are around.
1935 MB 500/540K Exhaust 1936 MB 540K Front Actually, all the remaining photos were taken Saturday. This is a low level view of the external exhaust.
And the front, of course. Shouldn't be here when the car is moving as the driver probably could not see you.
1935 MB 500/540K Right Front
This is a slightly safer viewpoint. 1936 MB 540K Star
Notice the reflection of legs walking behind me in this shot of the Star and medallion. That is some highly polished brightwork. The whole car is of this same quality.
1935 MB 500/540K Taillight
1936 MB 540K Interior And at the other end, the taillight. That must be my reflection in the red lens.
This is about as inviting as an interior can get in a small passenger compartment. I was in an awkward spot and really did not want to risk marring the car so I only got away with this one picture worthy of showing. Particularly notice the mother-of-pearl instrument panel. Again, this is just one more example of the overall quality of the car.
Over the weekend, a number of people asked me what I thought the car was worth. I said several times it had to be at least $5 million. An acquaintance actually asked the owner after the show. He answered $6.5, million, that is. And he still has the old 540K. Anyone interested yet? I'm afraid it is out of my reach.

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