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The Antiques Pre-1950

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Line of antiques from rear hspace= This is a view of the antiques row from behind. In the distance are the customs. The odd round object in the right foreground is an quite loud speaker. Courtesy chairs and tents for tired or hot visitors can be seen also. 1931 Ford Model A Convertible Sedan hspace=
Next is a very unusual '31 Ford Model A convertible that returns from last year. It is owned by the same friend who owns the '48 Packard woodie wagon and a couple of other Packards featured last year. He told me this particular Ford model had a total production of 5500 cars (if I remember right) and that 80 percent of them went straight to the docks to be shipped to Europe. Beyond it you can see part of his 1923 Packard Sport.
1923 Packard Sport hspace=
Here is a pretty good quarter view of the '23 Packard Sport. Beyond it you can see the front of the '48 Woodie wagon, another returnee from previous years and always a crowd favorite.
1923 Packard Sport hspace=
This last photo is again the Packard Sport but from the front. Behind it you can see a pretty nice '51 Chevy Fastback Coupe, owned by another good friend who also owns a '57 Jaguar XK140 Coupe I have been working on for almost a year. Sadly, we were unable to get it ready in time for this show. This is all I had time to get in the Antiques class this year as the whole morning was taked up with other duties. Maybe next year we'll have more time for pictures.

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