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Vintage Motorcycles Car Hauler
These same motorcycles were here last year. From near to far on the front row, they are: 1910 Pierce (note the inline 4 cylinder motor, a 1932 BMW R2 and a 1915 Harley-Davidson with a side car that was shown better in my last year pictures. On the back row is a 1912 Indian. In case anyone thought these guys are not serious, this fancy bus and trailer are a car hauler. What came out of it was the Harley shown on the left and the Packard Gray Wolf shown on the Racers page.
The Capitol dome
This is the Capitol dome in the distance as viewed from the American Sports area, near the far end of the display area. You can see a Mustang and Camaro in the foreground with the American production to the left and the Race cars just out of view on the right. Beyond the production cars was the Antique area followed by the Customs. Beyond the Racers was the all original cars then the Jaguars and Brass. The European Sports were behind and to my right.

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