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2003 Aston Martin 1998 Aston Martin DB7
This first exotic is a fairly recognizable 2003 Aston Martin. Its model was not listed but it may be the AR1 that was entered last year. The other one is a 1998 DB7 that I got to test drive around the lot before finding its assigned parking place. I could learn to live that way with very little effort.
Next is a 2006 Bentley Continental GT. This car is still reported to be the fastest production sedan in the world today. I caught the bonnet open and got a shot of its W configuration engine. You can't tell 2006 Bentley Continental GT Bentley W12 motor much due to all the coverings but it definately appears to be a 6.0 liter W. I couldn't find but two spark plugs or injectors but it is reported to be 12 cylinders. You can see in the photo that it is wider than long. I did see that the cylinder heads are quite wide, hinting at a W block, but was not able to get a useable photo of that. In the larger version, you can get a hint of the left head and its approximate width in the lower right corner of the photo.
2006 Ford GT 2006 Ford GT Engine The last photos I have are of this 2006 Ford GT. It is very similar to the original GT-40 but intended to be street legal and to have a few more creature comforts. I didn't get a photo but the interior is still pretty spartan although not as much so as the original. Check the size of the supercharger atop the engine. This car is expected to give a lot of performance for the money in the exotic class. Beyond the Ford, you can see the silver Aston-Martin, a 1998 dodge Viper GTS-R and, in the distance, the Bentley.
The Jaguar dealer also brought an XK180 and an XK220 for display that were not judged. I don't seem to have any pictures of either but they were really sexy automobiles. This class is where the 2006 SLR McClaren that was was missed last year would have been. I saw the car when it was delivered last spring and really hoped to see it in the show.

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