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I was running low on time as well as camera batteries when I got to this class so there are few pictures. There were some comments heard that these cars do not belong in a concours at all. I won't try to address that except to say, these were all very nicely done customs, of the quality to expect at a NSRA National meet. Most were newer than 1948 so were ineligible. So far, there still seems to be plenty of room at our concours and these customs did not detract from the classics or anything else that I could tell.
Aluminum Cobra Aluminum Cobra
This Cobra's body has been removed and replaced by a polished, all aluminum, unpainted replica. Imagine the hours of metal work that had to go into it since it is impossible to hide any flaws with Bondo or even lead. Please excuse the rather harsh colors and outlines as I had to do a lot of Photoshop work to tone it down to show anything but the sun glare. It truly is that shiny. I took the other photo from a better angle and close up to show my own reflection in the mirror-like fender. I heard later that the car also has a custom-built stainless steel frame. How much money can you actually sink into a custom car?
I really included this nice '55 Chevy for personal nostalgic reasons. My parents had a '55 when I was in high school. It was a 1955 Chevy convertable 1955 Chevy convertable hardtop coupe instead of convertable and red instead of maroon and it had a six instead of the V-8 and it didn't have the continental kit and... Well, maybe it was not so similar after all but it was a '55 Chevy. And, for the next forty years, Mom never forgave Dad for trading it on a shiny new '60 Impala. Anyway, this was a very nice car and well deserving of a spot on my humble page.

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