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The Brass Era 1886-1915

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1899 Knox 1899 Knox
The first car in this group is also the oldest in the show, a 1899 Knox. Its obvious attribute is its tricycle design with tiller steering. Notice on the right, the porcupine engine. All those "quills" are cooling fins for the air-cooled motor. This car was listed in the Original class but I wonder if that might have been a mistake.

1904 Peerless 1904 Peerless
The next car I selected to highlight is a 1904 Peerless. If I remember right, this car was actually constructed from the ground up with a borrowed example for reference. Look at the underside of the top. That is as fine an example of woodwork as can be found on any furniture I have ever seen.
1904 Peerless 1904 Peerless
Shown here are the instruments, the hand brake and pedals. The device on the firewall (or dash) I think is the engine oil metering device. On the right is an acetelene sidelamp. The larger headlamps are seen in the photo above.
1904 Pierce Arrow 1904 Pierce Arrow
This is a 1922 Pierce Arrow 66 Touring. It is about as fine an example of the Brass class as you can find. I believe this car went to California last year for the owner's son's wedding, probably in a covered trailer. The arrows on the spare tires here were custom cast by the owner/restorer (he has the capability of making almost anything
1904 Pierce Arrow 1904 Pierce Arrow for any old car). Rumor has it that Pierce Arrow owners everywhere want copies for their cars. Here, I just couldn't pass up all that beautiful brass, the quad trumpets atop the spares and that wonderful bass horn below. Also, notice the perfect reflection in the bodywork.
1904 Pierce Arrow 1904 Pierce Arrow
Next is the instruments, firewall and the backside of a sidelamp. Look at the quality of the upholstery. Surely it would fit right into any of the finest homes today.
1915 Stutz Bearcat 1915 Stutz Bearcat This is a really fine example of a 1915 Stutz Bearcat. In spite of the quality of the above Pierce Arrow, I believe this car won Best in Class. Of course, the Stutz is a particularly significant automobile of the early years. To the right is a closeup of its rather simple emblem. Below, I luckily caught a couple of fellows working under the hood and was able to get a shot of its motor before they closed it.
1915 Stutz Bearcat Motor
Actually, the Pierce Arrow was owned by one of the event organizers and was not judged.
1913 Mercer Raceabout The last car I have in the Brass class is this 1913 Mercer Raceabout. There were several other notable entries but I only have so much time and web space. 1913 Mercer Raceabout Seen just beyond it is the Peerless featured above. These cars share the same lucky owner. The Governor's back yard is the background here.
1913 Mercer Raceabout

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