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1915 Harley Davidson 1915 Harley Davidson
There were 3 or 4 motorcycles but the only one I got pictures of was this 1915 Harley Davidson. Notice the sidecar and the bicycle pedals, probably to get up to speed for starting the motor.
The crowd
This shot is down the entrance drive from the end of the Classics and Brass row, looking back toward the entrance. The state Capitol is in the background. I tried to zoom in for a close-up of the Capitol but cut off the statue on top in the process. Make note to self to practice more.
The Brass Row

This is about the same shot but better features the row of Brass cars. The Classics Row

Again similar but featuring the Classics row this time.
From the Entrance

This one is from the other end of the Brass & Classics row, the entrance to the grounds. I don't think that lady was hiding her face from me. Mercedes Row

This is one end of the Sports Cars display area. All the Mercedes were at this end followed by the others. This was all I could get in the shot at the time. From left is the Gullwing, 300SL and 190SL. I believe the next one is a 450SL then a 560SL with under 3,000 miles and finally the 170Va. In the foreground is a new car, I believe a CLK.

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