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The Modern Exotics

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2003 Aston Martin 2003 Aston Martin
This first exotic is a fairly recognizable (at least from the front) Aston Martin. It was listed as a DB AR1 although I am not familiar with that model. It is exotic though. I can almost see 007 in one right now.
2005 Bentley Continental GT 2005 Bentley Continental GT
Next is a 2005 Bentley Continental GT. Again, I don't know much about the car except that it is reported to be the fastest production sedan in the world today. It certainly looks like it could be.
2004 Maybach 67
If the Bentley is the fastest production car then this 2004 Maybach 67 has to be the plushest and quite probably the largest. It was on loan to be displayed at the concours but was not entered for judging. No, it is not a "stretch limo." It came right from the factory that way.
2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG 2003 Mercedes SL55 AMG
Another plenty quick car is this 2003 Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG mit kompressor. Not as fast as the 12 cylinder, twin turbocharged SL65 AMG but there was not one of those at the show.
One car we really missed was the 2006 SLR McClaren that was registered but was unable to come at the last minute.

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