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The Antiques Pre-1950

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1935 Fiat 508S Front 1935 Fiat 508S Rear The first one in this group is a really pretty little 1935 Fiat 508S. Has sort of a Bugatti look about it, doesn't it? It was so cute, I had to really resist wanting to just take it home. On the other side is a nice 1952 Ferrari 225S.
1950 Mercedes 170Va Front 1950 Mercedes 170Va Side This is a 1950 Mercedes Benz 170Va. It is well documented here on another page of this site. This car as well as the Fiat and Ferrari above were all actually entered in the European Sports category.
1923 Packard Sport 1948 Packard Woodie Wagon These two Packards are owned by a friend. The 1923 Sport is an unusually low car for its size and era. If I understand right, it does not have an underslung chassis. Instead, it has step down floors to reduce the overall height. It compares to its contemporaries much like the American Underslung above does to its. The 1948 Woodie is an exceptional automobile. I have examined it in detail and it is a nice as any '48 car I have ever seen. 1948 Lincoln Continental Convertible
This 1948 Lincoln Continental is owned by another friend. As you can see, it is a very nice car. He has won several trophies with it. For some reason, I can't find it in the official list of entries. It was parked with the classics but I am not sure whether it belongs there or here. Since I have a lot more classics, I chose to show it here.

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