Sample Reports

SailOK Scoring provides several printable reports. Each of these is selected from a specific form by clicking that form's Print button. The data on the report is a print formatted copy of data displayed on the form. Forms that do not have a Print button cannot be printed. Note that some forms also have a Web button. Clicking that button will produce the same report but in html format on a file that can be uploaded and displayed on your club's web page.

The printable reports are all displayed on your screen in preview format. You can examine the previewed report and send it to Windows for printing if desired. To print a report, while it is displayed on your screen, press Ctrl-P to open the Windows Print Dialog window, select the desired options and click OK to send the report to the printer.

Note: These are scanned images of actual printed reports. The print quality of your reports will be as good as your printer is capable of printing.

List of Competitors Registered in a Series

Participants Report

Proof List of Finishes Recorded for a Race

Finishes Proof List

Calculated Results of a Single Race

Race Results Report

Calculated Results of a Series

Series Results Report

PHRF Base Ratings

PHRF Base Ratings Report

Portsmouth Ratings

Portsmouth Ratings Report

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