Scoring Philosophy

For the most part, scoring is covered by Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing. In paragraphs A4, the appendix describes a Low Point System and a Bonus Point System. These systems give two different methods of awarding points to boats that finish a race. SailOK Scoring allows you to specify which method applies on a series-by-series basis by checking or unchecking the appropriate column of the BPS entry in the scoring abbreviations. If your club regularly uses both methods, you can create separate corresponding code sets and just select which set to use for each series.

In addition to boats that finish, called finishers, the appendix also suggests methods to award points to boats that are not to be scored as ordinary finishers. These boats include boats that did not start, did not finish, were on the course side at the starting signal, retired or were disqualified after finishing, among others. It gives suggested points appropriate for a regatta in A4.2 as well as suggested modifications for a series that lasts longer than a regatta in A9.

The appendix also describes a method of compiling all the races in a series or regatta and producing an overall standing for the series in paragraph A2. This includes the option of discarding a boat's worst race of the series. Finally, there is a method of breaking any ties in the series, paragraphs A8. This tie breaker is composed of two consecutive steps, A8.1 and A8.2 in the 2001-2005 RRS, that can be taken, if necessary, to break the ties. Note that the 2001-2004 RRS included three potential steps to break ties. It specified a different A8.2 with the current A8.2 being named A8.3. Since some clubs may still use the old method, it is included in SailOk Scoring as an option.

Finally, there is a set of Scoring Abbreviations in paragraph A11. These codes are typically used to score boats that are scored as other than their respective finishing positions. SailOK Scoring includes this set of abbreviations, or scoring codes, as its default, named RRS. The RRS code set also includes several additional codes, not found in paragraph A11, to provide better control of the scoring process.

Note: SailOK Scoring fully complies with Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing, 2005-2008.

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