SailOK Scoring has many features, many of which may not be found in other scoring programs. This allows for a great deal of flexibility and convenience in scoring your races and regattas. Some of these features are:

Scoring Methodology

  • SailOk Scoring closely adheres to Appendix A of the Racing Rules of Sailing, including tie breaking and paragraph A9.
  • Allows for old rule A8.2 to be implemented as in the 2001-2004 rule book or omitted as in the 2005-2008.
  • One-Design scoring with no handicaps involved.
  • Portsmouth handicapping, including wind factors.
  • PHRF handicapping using Time-On-Time or Time-On-Distance correction.
    • Time-On-Time scoring uses the (Elapsed * A /(PHRF + B)) formula where you specify A and B.

Scoring Abbreviations

  • Includes the Scoring Abbreviations provided in Appendix A.
  • Allows an unlimited number of other custom sets of abbreviations.
  • You can create sets with any parameters desired by copying and modifying existing sets.
  • You can specify which set to use with each series or regatta.
  • Thus, if you have a regatta with special requirements, a special set of abbreviations can be created for it.
  • Percentage penalties can be applied.
  • Penalties of the form "Number of entrants plus 20 percent" are included.
  • Penalty points for DNS, DSQ, etc can be relative to starters or finishers in the race or to entrants in the series.
  • New abbreviations can be created but DNC (Did Not Compete), RDG (Redress Granted), A8.2 (Include Appendix A8.2) and BPS (use Bonus Point Scoring) must not be changed or deleted; otherwise, automatic handling of these features will not function.

Redress Granted

  • Mulitple forms of redress granted can be handled by SailOK Scoring.
    • Specified number of seconds to subtract from elapsed time.
    • Number of places to add to or subtract from the boats score otherwise.
    • Absolute place to award the boat regardless of its finish.
    • Average of the boats finishes in selected other races of the series.
  • Enter RDG in the code column then enter the type when prompted. Redress is automatic from then.

Race Information Maintained

  • All data is maintained in a Microsoft Access database.
  • The database can be archived at year end, if desired.
  • Base series data includes
    • Series Name,
    • Start and end dates,
    • Number of races scheduled and sailed,
    • Number of throwouts,
    • Scoring abbreviation set used and other information.
  • Series data also includes a list of all
    • Participants with their handicaps, if any.
  • Base race data includes
    • Race date,
    • Starts times,
    • Start types,
    • Race Committee, parameters, conditions and other information.
  • Finishes include
    • Finish elapsed and corrected times,
    • Handicap if any, and
    • Scoring code for each boat.
  • Appropriate Did Not Compete (DNC) entries are entered automatically when a boat first appears after the first race of a series or fails to appear in a later one.
  • Boat name, skipper and crew can optionally be included.

Auxilliary Information Maintained

  • SailOK Scoring maintains a set of parameters to control how your races are scored, where the data is stored and how your reports appear.
  • It automatically keeps a list of the fleets recognized by your club.
  • It also automatically maintains a list of all boats that have been scored with up to three fleets they might complete in, in the order of their preference.
  • You have access to each of these lists, including the ability to correct or modify.

Time Recording

  • Start and finish times can be recorded as
    • Elapsed time or Stopwatch time.
    • Time-of-day or Wall Clock time.
    • Finish positions only, ignoring times entirely, or No Times.
      • If times are not used, SailOK Scoring can automatically provide the next available finishing position for the fleet of the boat being scored.
  • Finish times can be entered without punctuation to significantly reduce keystrokes.
  • Hours and minutes of finish times need be entered only when they change from the previous finish.
  • Appropriate entries are automatically made for Did Not Compete (DNC) participants.


  • Many neatly formatted reports are provided, including race and series results, participants lists, handicap lists and several others.
  • Race and series results are available in html form at the click of a button for direct uploading to a web page.
  • Reports can be previewed on screen before committing to print.
  • Multiple copies can be specified.
  • Reports are sent to Windows for processing.

Series & Regatta Scoring

  • Sail numbers can be alphanumeric.
  • SailOK Scoring will handle a regatta sailed over a relatively short period.
    • Fleets and competitors are commonly preregistered for a regatta.
  • It also provides for scoring an extended period series with different penalties for DNS, DSQ, etc.
    • Fleets and competitors are usually not registered until they appear in a series race.
  • SailOK Scoring can handle a large fleet regatta where a preliminary/seeding round is required.
  • In addition to these, it also allows for a "super series" made up of selected races from other series or regattas.
  • The number of throwouts, or discards, can be specified for each series.
  • The minimum number of races for a throwout to apply can be specified for each series.
  • The minimum number of races a boat must sail to qualify for a series, if any, can be specified.
  • Some races can be "weighted" more than others in a series.
  • A Staggered Start or Reverse Handicap race can easily be scored and SailOK Scoring will even precalculate and provide a printed report of the appropriate start times for each boat.
  • In a staggered Start race, handicaps can optionally be applied to the actual elapsed times to compensate for any discrepancies in the course, wind or other conditions.

Data Entry Aids

  • Classes can have an alias or shorter name used for data entry.
  • Finish times can be entered without punctuation, saving significant keystrokes.
  • Hours and minutes for finishes need only be entered when they change from the previous finish.
  • For one-design scoring (no times recorded) finishing positions within fleets are automatically supplied.
  • Hot keys are provided to get to all form buttons so it is almost never necessary to use the mouse, if so desired.
  • Extensive help is provided for the field, button or other item containing the mouse pointer by pressing F1.
  • Automatic hints are available for most fields and buttons by holding the mouse over the item a second or two.
  • Many of the fields, particularly when entering finishes, are filled initially with a value from previous history. The more you use the system, the better these guesses become.
  • This initial guessed value can be overridden by simply entering a new value.
  • Several form fields, such as class, fleet or abbreviation set, are associated with lists of valid values. These lists can be displayed by pressing the question mark key within the field.
  • A value from the above lists can be copied directly back to the form from which the list was invoked with a single click of a form Copy button.

Other Features

  • Sail numbers can be alphanumeric
  • Duplicate sail numbers are allowed as long as the classes are different.
  • Classes can have an alias or shorter name but the true name appears on all reports and forms.
  • A boat can compete in more than one fleet during a series and will be scored accordingly.
  • There is no limit to the number of series handled, races within a series or boats in any race, regatta or series.
  • Boats can be scored as Finished In Place.

Handicap Data

  • SailOK Scoring maintains a local copy of your PHRF handicap table.
  • It also maintains a local copy of your selected entries from the Portsmouth tables, including wind factors.
  • These tables must be maintained outside SailOK Scoring.
  • You have the ability to add a temporary handicap when a boat competes that does not appear in your local tables.
  • There is a menu option to update the local tables from data maintained in your handicap rating system, if you use one.
  • SailOK Handicapping is a sister application that seamlessly melds with SailOK Scoring to maintain the PHRF and Portsmouth handicapping tables in a separate Microsoft Access database.
  • As an alternative, you can create text files with the appropriate handicap data.
  • Either of these formats can be retrieved by the above menu option at your convenience.

Limitations of Unregistered Copy

  • The main menu displays a reminder that it is an unregistered demonstration copy.
  • It is limited to adding only 3 new Series.
  • The number of races or participants in those 3 series are not limited.

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