Pricing And Options

All software is available to download on a trial basis at no charge. The trial versions have some limitations and nagging reminders. If you decide to purchase the full version of either or both packages, the prices below apply. It is not necessary to download a second copy. An easily installed license key will be supplied after registering that will unlock the full software, eliminating all restrictions and reminders.

Registration is non-expiring. Once registered, you are entitled to use the software as long as you want. Full support, including any updates, corrections or upgrades, is provided for one year from the registration date. The annual subscription provides that same support, including updates, corrections and upgrades for a period of one year. If your subscription lapses and you later decide to renew it, there may be a charge for upgrades released during the period it was not in effect.


  Download Initial Registration Annual Subscription
Scoring Free $139.00 $35.00
Handicapping Free $49.00 $15.00
Scoring & Handicapping Free $174.00 $40.00

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