New Features

SailOK is staffed only by racers and race officials. We always have and will continue to try to give you the most useable and feature rich scoring software possible. As we discover or learn of desirable and useful traits, we make every reasonable effort to implement them so as to integrate cleanly into and never outdate or obsolete the existing systems.

The current release of SailOK Scoring includes three such new features:

  • Compliance with current RRS and Appendix A changes.
  • Internet or other Regatta Pre-Registration.
  • Support for Preliminary Seeding Rounds.
  • On the Water Data Entry/External File Import.
The next release, scheduled for late Summer, will include:
  • Match Racing Support
See below for descriptions of these features.

This release does not include the Match Racing Support. That feature will have to wait for another release. As it is needed at our club before Summer's end, we will make every effort to have it done by that time. When released, it should be a simple upgrade for any users who desire it. As usual, there is no charge to any registered users for this release nor will there be for Match Racing Support, when available. We at SailOK Software thank you for your patience.

Rules Compliance

The 2005-2008 version of the Racing Rules of Sailing made 2 significant changes to Appendix A. The old A8.2 had been deleted by the ISAF last year and the new RRS changed the previous A8.3 to A8.2. SailOK Scoring recognizes this but still allows individual scorers to implement the old A8.2 by adding a code to their individual Scoring Abbreviations. Instructions are included in the manual. Finally, DGM, a new code was added to A11. This represents Disqualification for Gross Misconduct under rule 69.1(b)(2) and is non-excludable. SailOK Scoring implements this and includes the code in the included RRS Code Set.

Internet Pre-Registration

This feature will be most useful if your club has the ability for competitors to register themselves via the internet. In this scenario, the competitor fills out a form on the internet to pre-register for your regatta. Your server then processes that form and stores the pertinent data in a file that you can download and import directly into the Participants table of your scoring data base. When live registration begins, much of the work of entering the registration data into the scoring system will have been already performed.

Scoring Preliminary Seeding Rounds

For many regattas, such as some class national championships, there may be too many boats to handle in a single start or as a single fleet. One way to work around this problem is to have seeding races before the actual championship. For example, you might divide the boats into four fleets by random drawing or other method. Then each of these fleets would race the other three. The boats with overall individual scores in the top half would then be seeded into the a "Gold Division" for the championship and the remainder into a "Silver Division" for the championship.

This scoring could, of course, be handled more or less manually. To do so using an ordinary computer scoring system would either require a lot of manipulation or the printed results would look rather "funny" or both. SailOk Scoring handles this feature in a more elegant manner, requiring little additional work on the part of the scorer and the results will look proper rather than artificial.

On the Water Data Entry

Does your club have multi race regattas where the scoring is done on shore and there is not time or other resources between races to get the finishes in? On the Water Data Entry will alleviate that problem. Give the Race Committee a laptop or possibly even a PDA and they can record the finishes directly or at least transcribe them immediately after the race. They will not need the entire program nor will they have to understand the complications and nuances of full scoring. Only the usual information found on a race score sheet is required.

Once recorded in this much simplified manner, the resulting file can be sent to the on shore computer for full scoring and posting. The results of one race could be posted on the bulletin board and even on a web page before the next race starts. With wireless internet access, the recorded data can be sent by FTP or even email. Once received at the scorer's computer, a simple import is performed and scoring then will proceed as usual, except the scorer need not enter any of the finishing data. Typically, this process should take a few seconds instead of many minutes or even hours.

Any text editor could be used to enter the finishes on the water; a simple format will be provided and described in the documentation. SailOK Scoring will, however, provide a simple program, that presents a form much like a race score sheet, to be filled in by the race official on the water. Except for the fact of having to type rather than write with a pencil, this should be no more difficult than what race officers do every day.

Match Racing Support

Match racing is becomming popular at the club level again. We have found it to be a great format for our favorite sport. Competitors have a lot of fun as well as a learning experience. Besides that, it can be very interesting for spectators.

SailOk Scoring intends to support two formats: Round-Robin and Ladder events. Both will allow for any reasonable number of boats. Ladder events can be handled as single or double elimination and double elimination can include an optional consolation bracket. Both these formats are fully described in the Race Management Handbook. The Handbook also suggests a third format, being a combination of these two. SailOK Scoring will not attempt to implement this directly but it should be possible for a knowledgeable scorer to devise a two-series psuedo event to simulate such a thing.

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