The SailOK Handicapping System consists of two Microsoft Access data bases with an option to provide handicap data to the SailOK Scoring system. The data base apparent to you is named Handicapping.mde and it contains all the forms, programs and procedures used by SailOK Handicapping. The second is named Handicap_Data.mdb and it contains all the data related to individual PHRF certificates, class base ratings and a subset of the Portsmouth tables. SailOK Scoring can copy handicapping data from Handicap_Data.mdb into its local tables for use in scoring handicap races.

All usual user interaction is through forms. There are three types of forms:

  • Menus,
  • Lists and
  • Data Entry.
The menus present a set of functions to be performed with pushbuttons for selection. The data entry forms are where you enter new information, view and modify existing information. Each form deals with a distinct and related set of data. The lists can be called from the data entry forms to provide additional information. In some cases, an item can be selected from the list and copied back to the field in the data entry form from which it was called.

See the Features page for some of the important special features provided by SailOK Handicapping.

See the System Requirements page for required and suggested minimum system configuration.

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