SailOK Handicapping has many features, many of which may not be found in other handicapping programs. It is aimed at PHRF handicapping but allows for maintenance of your customized subset of the Portsmouth tables. This allows for a great deal of flexibility and convenience in handicapping your boats and providing handicapping data to your scoring program, if you use one. Some of these features are:

Handicapping Data

  • Maintains a master list of PHRF classes and their respective base ratings.
  • Maintains complete PHRF certificate information for each rated boat.
  • Maintains a custom subset of the Portsmouth tables with wind factors.
  • Keeps an archive of removed certificates.
  • Maintains a list of all added and dropped certificates and rating changes.
  • Archived certificates can be restored to a new owner without reentering all the boat data.


  • Many neatly formatted reports are provided, including
    • Base Ratings,
    • Individual Certificates,
    • Portsmouth Ratings and
  • Recent Changes.
    • Reports are available in html form at the click of a button for direct uploading to a web page.
    • Reports can be previewed on screen before committing to print.
    • Multiple copies can be specified.
    • Reports are sent to Windows for processing.

Data Entry Aids

  • Classes can have an alias or shorter name.
  • This may be useful when adding a new certificate.
  • Hot keys are provided to get to all form buttons so it is almost never necessary to use the mouse, if so desired.
  • Extensive help is provided for the field, button or other item containing the mouse pointer by pressing F1.
  • Automatic hints are available for most fields and buttons by holding the mouse over the item a second or two.
  • Several form fields, such as class name or alias, are associated with lists of valid values. These lists can be displayed by pressing the question mark key within the field.
  • A value from the above lists can be copied directly back to the form from which the list was invoked with a single click of the mouse.

Other Features

  • Sail numbers can be alphanumeric
  • Duplicate sail numbers are allowed as long as the classes are different.
  • Classes can have an alias or shorter name but the true name appears on all reports and forms.
  • There is no limit to the number of Portsmouth ratings, class base ratings or individual PHRF certificates, either active or archived.
  • Handicapping data can easily be integrated into SailOK Scoring or other scoring systems.

Limitations of Unregistered Copy

  • The Main Menu displays a reminder that the copy is unregistered.
  • Only 10 new PHRF Certificates can be entered.
  • There is no limit on the number of PHRF Base Ratings or Portsmouth Ratings.

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