Long Term Home Remodel Project

Phase ? - The Rest of the House

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The Main Bathroom / New Plumbing & Shower

We have not started this project yet. It comes even after the Master Bedroom. The plan is to remove the wallpaper and replace the plumbing and fixtures. The vanity cabinet was never a very good example and will also be replaced. I plan to add a granite top and probably one of those separate bowl lavatories. The big part of the plan is to replace the 50 year old bathtub with a shower. The floor was tiled with good ceramic tile several years ago and it is still in good condition. There is still some interest in replacing it with something a bit fancier though.

Rest of the Bedroom Wing / Bedroom, Study & Hall

We have not started this project yet either. It comes after the bathroom. There is also a plan for it, however. We will remove all the sheetrock so the walls can be properly insulated and new wiring installed. The ceiling will not be raised. The carpet in the office (center bedroom) and the tile in the front bedroom will be replaced with probably laminate flooring. The electrical wiring will be upgraded to current code with all grounded outlets. The attic above both these rooms was insulated along with the living room. The front room has R-30 but the office has an attic floor and could only get R-19 but that is still a great improvement over what it had before.